HSS Overview 2011 - London Report

HSS Activitities Overview - London (Report) 

Balagokulum sessions have been now running every week (except for exceptional Fridays), for the last 10 months, at a local school gym, with the support of HSS Canada (a regd. non profit charity). HSS Canada is the lead Hindu organization involved in the seva of Bhutanese refugees right across Canada.

All of you who have helped run  this program or have attended any of the sessions this past year are welcome to attend this function.

The following activities for youth and adults have happened over the last 11 months in this program-

• Yoga & Sports activities.
• English conversation classes.
• Satsangas, bhajans, discussions and including talks by Acharya Vivek Gupta, Buddhist Lama Tenzin Dakpa etc.
• Public Speaking classes for youth (above 10 years of age).
• Talks on interviewing skills, finances, nutrition & health etc.
• Flu shot clinic for about 100 people in collaboration with CCLC.
• 7 of these youth attended HSS's 7 day Hindu Youth Scouts Camp in Acton, ON.
• 7 youth took part in Vijaya Dashami program in Toronto, where they met/talked to young MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan (who was a refugee herself).
• Organizing and sponsoring Bhutanese community's Dusherra program in 2011.
• Outreach activity with London Police & Mayor of London  - on occasion of Rakshabandhan

These activities have helped the Bhutanese community  to

•most importantly to keep their youth out of the streets and out of trouble.
•develop increased self-confidence in attendees.
•enhance their knowledge and learn life skills.
•retain their culture, practice it and to have a sense of belonging.
•prevent predatory religious conversions in their community (two families are formally returning to Sanatana Dharma on 29 Dec)

Your support and encouragement have been instrumental in making this happen. Everything is deeply appreciated.