Sangh Shiksha Varg 2011 (Karyavaha Report)

Sangh Siksha Varg 2011 - Toronto, Canada

31st July to 7th Aug 2011, Shravan Shukala Prathma to Navami, Yugabdh 5113

A green grassy play ground and quite cool rooms of blue spring camp site suddenly became vibrant with influx of sevikas and swayamsevks on Sunday evening, surrounding trees welcomed cheerful voices by moving leaves and branches, opened up playground arms welcoming all to start this varg.

It was Sunday evening on 31st July the first day of Shravan where many parents dropped their child for siksha varg to make them assertive and learn more skills.  Team of prabandhaks ready to fulfill vyavstha needs, skilled shikshika and sikshaks were enthusiastic to teach siksharthies. All were energized under the auspicious margdarshan of vishwa vibhag samyojak Ma.  Saumitraji Gokhle and vibhag pracharak Ma. Digantji Das. At 6.0pm on Sunday, varg formally started on sangh sthan with warm ups, icebreking games followed by sayam (evening) shakha. Udghatan with deep prajvalan (lighting a lamp) kicked off varg that evening with geet, parichay (introduction) of sikshaks, siksharthies, prabandhaks etc. followed by udghatan baudhik.

Four prabandhaks, Ma. Surinderji and Bhupinderji Sikand, Ma. Jammuji Bansal and Ma. Rameshji Agarwal kept all vyavstha to its fullest level providing rich and delicious food entire week with excellent care of siksharthies, sikshaks as well as guests.       All sikshaks under able and humble guiendence of Mukhya Sikshika Aparnaji Garg, Sah-mukhya Sikshak  Vishalji Sievnarain and Baudhik pramukh Jaiminji Kathiriya worked relentlessly to impart varg sikshakram skills to siksharthies. There were 9 sikshaks who handled all their duty with love and care; it was first time that we had 5 sikshaks from Canada.

This year, ssv was attended by 49 siksharthies that includes 12 sevikas and 37 s.sevaks. siksarthies came across from Ontario and perhaps it was first time in ssv here that this varg was attended by siksharthies of Nepali origin, 13 siksharthies were of Nepali origin.  Geographically, there were 2 siksharthies came from Detroit USA, 8 siksharthies came from Windsor, 7 came from London, 1 from Milton, 3 from Mississauga, 6 from Brampton and 22 were from Toronto.

Sangh siksha varg was divided in to 3 varsh (levels)

1.   Prathmik varsh; 31 siksharthies have attended prathmik varsh, amongst them 8 were sevikas and 23 were s.sevaks
2.   Pravesh varsh; 15 siksharthies participated in pravesh varsh that includes 3 sevikas and 12 s.sevaks
3.   Pravin varsh; 3 siksharthies finished pravin varsh which includes 1 sevika and 2 s.sevaks

The well planned daily activity covered  ishwar chintan, yoga, surya namaskar, sangh sthan activities, baudhiks, Geet, Prathna abhyas, karyashala(workshops), charcha, katha, avartan dhyan, sayam vandana etc. everyone wakes up at 5.30am, get ready and starts with ishwar chintan to various sessions and goes to bed at 10.15pm. Sangh sthan activities had various physical activities such as Niyudh, Dand, Padvinyas, Yogchap, Achar paddhati, Khel, Vyayam yog and exciting games.

Baudhik activity covered various current topics about Hindu culture and values, Sangh karyakartas, Sangh vision and misson, Concept of sewa etc., Everyone learned new geet and did prathna abhyas, had an opportunity to hear and understand story about vandaneeya Mausiji, Bhagini Nivedita, Shri Krishna, shri chanakya and so on, all that provided intellectual guidance to siksharthies. Siksharthies were very excited during samskrit varg where they tried to speak in Sanskrit. While learning different skills they had various fun filled exciting entertainment such as hiking on trail and obstacle course which thrilled everyone outside sangh sthan. One evening there was a camp fire with geet competition, where each gana (group) came up with sangh geet to win the contest.

We also had a Tarun varg during weekend which was attended by parents and karyakartas. They had an opportunity to do Surya namaskar, play games, and attend anubhav kathan on sewa project and baudhik along with trail hiking and Sanskrutik karyakram that night.

On last day 7th of August it was time for a Dikshant samarop, where every siksharthies performed guru pujan with flowers/akshay with devotion, Ma. Digantji Dash gave dikshant baudhik where he guided all that it’s not end but the beginning of learning and acquiring more skills and applying it to shakha and elsewhre. During the concluding ceremony, siksharthies of every varsh did Pratyakshik, demonstrated few skills they learned which was not only delighted atithis who were there but also compelled rain god to shower a blessings in the form of Rain. Atithi vieshes (Chief Guest) Ma. Chanderji Khanna in his speech very rightly described Vedic or Sanatan Dharma by citing example of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram.

Ma. Saumitraji Gokhle gave very inspiring baudhik on samarop, stressed the need for everyone to get out of the personal comfort zone to achieve respect and for personal betterment. It was truly very inspiring, vibrant and memorable siksha varg just concluded where everyone at the end came out with determination to do sangh work in coming years.


Karyavah, GTA