Surya Namaskar Yoga Marathon (Yajna) Successful

Surya Namaskar Yoga Marathon 2010 Compeleted (Yajna)

Thanks to all of you for actively participating in the Surya Namaskar Yajna 2010. It has been a great success and we have received wonderful feedback about the event. It is time to submit your counts to demonstrate all the collective energy built over a two week period!

Please submit your counts for Surya Namaskar's performed between January 15th to 31st by clicking here: SNY Submit Count or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (with your name, email address and the total surya namaskar's performed).

Hope you continue to experience the energy and sharing the advantages of performing Yoga exercises.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) announces an offering ("yajna") of one million Sun Salutations, known as Surya Namaskar, to create awareness among the people about Yoga and its advantages in achieving a healthy body, mind and spirit. This will be the third Surya Namaskar Yajna (SNY) since it was first launched in 2007. This also coincides the ocassion of Makar Sankranta. The sun is the source of energy for all life on earth.

Surya Namaskar          Surya Namaskar          Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a combination of yoga postures, called "asana(s)", performed in a pre-determined sequence, in appreciation of this extremely valuable solar energy. They are a set of well-balanced movements that will stretch and exercise all the muscles in the body, thus keeping the body and mind healthy. HSS will conduct a collective Surya Namaskar Yajna (SNY) from January 15th to January 31st, 2010.

We invite everyone to participate in this "Yoga for health; Health for humanity" event and perform Surya Namaskar with a collective goal of 100,000 Surya Namaskar in the three week span. This also coincides the ocassion of Makar Sankranta.

Please visit the "Surya Namaskar" section for more information on the program.