HSS Activities 2012 - Overview

Overview of HSS work in 2012

Weekly Shakhas:  The numbers of shakhas are, in GTA - 6, Windsor – 1, London – 1 and in GVA - 1. Keshav shakha ran dainik (daily) during summer vacation for July and August. Shakhas tyically constitude physical, mental and leadership training activities - all defining character building and training. We are fortunate to have a new shakha in Missisauga.
Sewa Activities: Several shakas participated in programs like "Adopt a Stream", "Tree Planting", 'Food Drive" and also, helping out Bhutani Hindu brethern across Canada. More such activities are planned for next year.

Sangh Shiksha Varg and Karyakarta varg:  The weekly Sangh Shiksha Varg took place on August 12th and was attended by 51 Siksharthies from Ontario, and 5 Siksharthies from Alberta. 8 shikshaks (teachers) and 3 vyasvastha prabandhaks (organizers) were present full-time at the site. Plenty of volunteers are also helped out though out week. About 16 shikshathees attended the weekend camp. The samarop (concluding) ceremony was attended by about 175 people.

Karyakarta vargs were condected at various shakha locations.

Hindu Heritage Camp:  Numerous Hindu Heritage Camps at various levels continue to help in new recruitment and bonding among karyakarta families. At Vancouver, BC other than typical 1 day camp a 1 week youth Hindu heritage camp was conducted by kishors and it was very well received by participants and visitors.

Varsha Paratipadaa (New Year): In April, new year was celebrated with a strong will to promote our Dharma; at some shakhas skits with various themes (Vikramaditya Coronation, Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti) were presented.

Yuva Vibhag: Hindu Yuva chapter is running in Centennial Collage, Scarborough and registration process at other university across Ontario is in process this year.

Guru Paurnima: Vijaya Dashami Utsav was celebrated in all shakhas. Respectful salutations were offered to our Param Guru, Bhagwa Dhaj (Saffron Flag). This also reminded that our goals can be achieved through Sewa, Character, Commitment and Strength.

Rakshabandhan: Rakshabandhan utsav was celebrated at the shakhas and also as a community outreach program, in Ontario it was celebrated at 4 police stations (2 in Scarborough, 1 in Burlington, 1 in London) with tying rakhis to police officers and staffs.
Vijaya Dashami:  Vijaya Dashami Utsav was celebrated with fervor in Toronto with over 150 participants including swayamsevaks, sevikas, adhikari, atithis etc.

Navaratri Program:  Along with Dasara, Navaratri Garbha was a a huge event with a participation of over 1300. Other than Sangh Adhikaris, it was also attended by the Mayor, Police Rep and City Councillors from Milton.

Report from London Shakha